Frequently Asked Questions

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ALL OVER COLOR:   This process is a single tone that is applied to the root and sometimes the ends of your hair.  It is painted directly onto your scalp.

HIGHLIGHTS: This process weaves strands of hair that are then placed in foil to help conduct heat.  It can be used with colors that deposit and lift depending on the desired results.  A FULL HIGHLIGHT places highlights all over the head.  A PARTIAL HIGHLIGHT includes the "mohawk" or top section of the head and the sides, leaving the back of the head without highlights.

WHAT IS BALAYAGE?  The term is used to describe the process of painting on the hair directly.  It is used for various results, including specific placement of lightener/color and brightening the ends of the hair.

WHAT IS COLOR CORRECTION?  The technical answer is: is any time you want to take your previously colored hair 2 levels lighter or take previously colored hair or virgin hair two levels darker.  A color correction is needed anytime coloring your hair has the undesired results.  For most people this means a brassy tone or at home color that may have turned out darker than intended.  But, it can also just be a drastic change (ala Kim Kardashian)this is when a client would like to go from dark hair to light or vice versa. 

Could your dark brown hair that you've been getting colored professionally for years need to be "corrected" to get cool blonde highlights? Absolutely. Even though you've been getting desired results from your stylist for a long time, you need to know that changing things up may be more difficult than you think.

When lightening hair, color gets taken out of the hair along with proteins and can change the structural make-up of the hair.  If you need to lighten again,  you are changing the structure of the hair even more.  When you are a highlighted blonde and decide to go darker your hair may need to be "filled" so that your color lasts and does not end up a muddy tone. 

Since color correction is more complicated it usually requires more time and can be more expensive.  Most color correction cannot happen in one appointment.  It could take up to at least 4 appointments to reach your desired results and keep the integrity of the hair.  A consultation with a stylist is highly recommended if you would like to make a big change in your hair color.

HOW DO I CHOOSE A STYLIST?  Our receptionists are skilled at placing you with the stylist that should best fit your needs. Just call us and we can help you make a decision.  You can peruse our portfolio page as well to see examples of our stylist work.

WHAT IF I WANT TO CHANGE MY STYLIST WITHIN THE SALON?  We would love to accommodate you in the way that best fits your needs.  We are a close knit group of stylist and want you to feel comfortable no matter whose chair you are in.  We realize that sometimes personalities and schedules may dictate a change in your preference.  We are happy as long as you are happy!

HOW LONG WILL MY APPOINTMENT TAKE?  Appointment times will vary by stylist and service.  Most haircuts will take about an hour and for color services please allow at least 2 hours.

WHAT IS YOUR RETURN/EXCHANGE POLICY FOR PRODUCTS? If you find that you are unhappy with a product purchase, please return it within 14 days after sale date and we will be happy to offer an EXCHANGE.  All returned products must be in their original, unopened and unused/slight used condition.  If you don't exchange, we can offer a gift card to be used at a later date for PRODUCT ONLY. 

WHAT PRODUCTS DO YOU USE IN YOUR SALON?  We carry a wide range of professional products including J. Beverly Hills, Paul Mitchell, Moroccan Oil, Jellua and Unite.  We also offer a wide range of styling tools from professional blow dryers and flat irons to styling brushes.

WHAT COLOR LINES DO YOU USE?  We carry Wella Professional, Paul Mitchell, Sebastian Cellophanes and Paul Mitchell PM Shines.  Some of our stylists also use color lines they prefer as well.

DO YOU TAKE WALK-INS?  Yes,  walk-ins are welcom based on stylist availability.

WHAT IS YOUR CANCELLATION POLICY?  We request 24 hour notice on cancellations.  If less than 24 hour notice is given, the guest will be charged 50% of the total service price.
If guest cancels within the hour of the appointment time or does not show up for the scheduled appointment, 100% of the service price will be charged.